January 2011 Volume 8

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Earl Adams
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We have come a long way
We have come a long way since our inception. Leaps and bounds. So much so that our website is highly regarded at home and abroad. We have regular readers from Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Ghana, Ethiopia and China just to name a few. This is an achievement we cannot  take lightly.

I remember when Glen Laman first started this venture in 2001.  It started as a simple email (see pictorial). I loved the idea and as my good brethren Winston constantly reminds us, we all have something to give (Time , Talent or Treasure), “I jump in it”.

Since then we have enlisted a team of dedicated, unselfish and unwavering individuals that make this website what it is today. Basil, with his fingers on the pulse of the School; Winston with his unwavering passion  and encyclopedic knowledge of KC. Dr Cedric  Lazarus and Everton Bailey with their ability to transcend space and time as they weave descriptively through their narratives.

Pay attention to my good brethren and commentator, the indefatigable Everton Barrett (AKA “Mabrouk”). He has skillfully mastered the art of “playing with matches”. He can be thought provokingly incendiary!  Often he challenges us to review our perspectives and  think critically to devise new solutions to the issues that confront us individually and at the “Kollege.”

Kudos to our Editor-in-Chief, Glen Laman, whose dedication is equal to none and who has successfully navigated us to 2011.  Kudos also to our Assistant Editors, the Chapter presidents, students, administrators, well wishers and contributors, like Dr. Kong.  As you can imagine, I could go on and on but take a look for yourself and I am sure you will agree. We have come a long way.

Keep an open mind
Having said that, we cannot standstill or rest on our laurels. Such a stance world swiftly leave us in the dust.  Be reminded, that our success cannot be solely laid to the feet of KC exceptionalism. Far from it. Our success is due primarily to our willingness to help Jamaica, one student at a time. A goal shared by all Jamaicans as evidenced by the preponderance of Alumni organizations throughout the Diaspora.

We need to improve our content offerings. Content must be localized and relevant. We must continue to produce interesting stories and provide a visually appealing experience to our readers. Last but not least, we must embrace cooperation and collaboration with others as long as it fits in the purpose of education. Not to mention the consequential increase in readership.

We have challenges ahead of us, but yielding is not an option. 2010 was a milestone for us and I believe 2011 will be even better.

Thanks for your continued support.
Season’s Greetings to All
Earl Adams
Webmaster KC Times

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